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Benagil caves – Fun facts about this famous cave

Natural beauty: Benagil Cave is known for its unique natural beauty. It features an opening at the top, allowing sunlight to penetrate and create a magical atmosphere inside the cave. The contrast between the light and the colors of the rocks and water makes the place truly spectacular.

Hidden beach: Inside the Benagil Cave, there is a hidden beach, with golden sands and crystal clear waters. This beach can only be accessed by boat or kayak, making it even more exclusive and charming.

Impressive rock formation: The cave is the result of erosion caused by the sea over thousands of years. Water and wind sculpted the rocks, creating this unique formation that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Limited Accessibility: Although the Benagil Cave is a popular attraction, direct access to it is only possible by sea. It is necessary to take a boat, kayak or paddleboard trip to reach the cave and enjoy its beauty. However, the view of the cave can also be enjoyed from the top of the surrounding cliffs.

Protection and preservation: Due to its importance and fragility, the Benagil Cave is protected by the local authorities. It is important to respect the environment and not damage the rocks or disturb marine life when visiting the cave.