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Country tuk tuk tour

Tour to the typical village of Paderne, where we go to the Castle, Moinho do Leitao, church and people.

Tuk tuk tour through the countryside

Tuk-tuk tours through the Albufeira countryside are a wonderful way to enjoy the Algarve countryside. These tours offer a unique experience, allowing travelers to discover the lush and peaceful nature of the region.

During the tour, you can expect to see stunning landscapes such as lush valleys, rolling hills and citrus groves.

Tours usually include visits to nearby historic villages, where you can experience the local culture and learn about the region’s customs and traditions. Some tours also include stops at local wineries to taste wines and regional products.

It is important to remember that the Algarve climate can be hot and dry during the summer months, so it is recommended to use sunscreen and drink plenty of water during the tour. Also, be prepared to walk on uneven and rough terrain, as some of the paths in the countryside can be quite steep and rocky.

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Country walk

Tour of Quarteira and Vilamoura Market


2 hours Tour

Guided Tour to the Quinta do Canhoto Winery

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